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Ohio Magazine – Baking an Aria
…Debbie Neimeth couldn’t believe it. The pain au chocolat was buttery and perfectly crisp. Its flaky layers shattered like thin-spun sugar with every bite. After spending a year in Paris, the owner of Columbus’ Happy Go Lucky home shops could easily discern a good croissant from a bad one. But a great croissant — one like this, one that would pass as authentic in any patisserie in France — was a rarity, especially in Columbus.

“I was so impressed,” recalls Neimeth, who knew immediately she had to seek out the baker behind the pastry. “I really wanted to meet him.

Jonas Laughlin had spent four days creating the pain au chocolat, which consisted of 729 paper-thin layers of pastry. He’d taught himself the technique in the snug, single-oven kitchen of his apartment in Columbus’ Italian Village. While that might sound tedious to some, for Laughlin, the kind of guy who thrives on methodology, it was exhilarating. Pastry had given him solace when his on-the-rise opera career was unexpectedly cut short. Creating the same recipe over and over again, until he knew it inside and out, was something he could control.

“It was a surrogate for not having a voice,” Laughlin says. “I could please people, hone a craft and practice something that worked. Baking is the perfect proxy for performing.”

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Capital Style – Sweet Dreams: The story of Laughlin’s Bakery
…After the cake came the pastries, and he began sourcing recipes from family members and cookbooks to create the best possible version of each sweet…”

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Crave Magazine – 5 treats to try at Laughlin’s Bakery in the Short North
…Laughlin proved to be a natural, producing some of the best classic European-style treats around, from croissants to spiced gingerbread, and decadent layer cakes like Fresh Coconut and German Chocolate.”

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Capital Style – Laughlin’s Bakery: A Must-Visit
…mouth-watering delicacies made from scratch with real ingredients. In the bread? Four things: water, yeast, flour and salt. The gingerbread cookies include 10 different spices and are spiked with citrus. A few of the cakes, like the red velvet, are his grandma’s recipes, “and those are straight from 1920s North Carolina.”

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Columbus Dispatch – Ex-singer applies patience, practice to baking at Laughlin’s
…Laughlin’s shop is relaxed — nothing fancy, just a few cafe-style tables and a deep counter brimming with the day’s offerings.”

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Columbus Dispatch
…Laughlin’s serves a rotating selection of small-batch, handmade pastries such as pain au chocolate, mini Linzer tarts, and potato bacon galettes from the 1,000-square-foot storefront in Italian Village. Everything I make has to fit two criteria,” Laughlin said. “It has to taste delicious and be beautiful. Baking is a craft. It takes tradition, time and attention…”

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Experience Columbus – Columbus’s Best Cookies
…Laughlin’s Bakery in the Short North has already made a name for itself for its European cakes, breads, and scones. Not to be missed are the madeleines, or the macadamia nut cookies.”

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614 Magazine
…His bakery on Second Avenue specializes in European baked goods, many like the ones he tried while traveling as an opera singer, but he also mixes in American specialties, some of which his grandmother would make him while growing up in the South. The counter of the bakery is filled with madeleines, croissants, springerle cookies and muffins…

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Columbus Underground
…The cakes, cookies, and candies he bakes are all made from scratch. Menu offerings include lemon madeleines, pistachio honey tea cake, rich layer cakes, and a smattering of traditional European Christmas cookies. More savory options include cheddar dill scones, brioche nanterre bread, and fresh croissants…
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Crave Magazine
The unifying factor, he says, is that all of his baked goods have a history. “When I first started baking, I was always interested in the history of the item,” he says. He attributes this interest to his role as a student; it pushed him to research the background behind anything he baked—its origins, its original recipe, its uses. “My baking in some ways is very dramatic,” he says. “I won’t bake anything unless it has a story.

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Short North Business Spotlight
Jonas Laughlin has two criteria for everything he makes: “It has to be delicious, and it has to be beautiful.” It’s safe to say the first-time store owner is living up to those expectations; on the grand opening day of Laughlin’s eponymously named bakery, which coincided with the Short North Arts District Holiday Hop on December 6, 2014, he sold out of everything before the annual event even began at 4pm.

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All of my guests praised Laughlin’s and asked for these treats to be at every party! The service and care received was beyond the expected quality. I will have Laughlin’s at every event I host! You should too!

Nothing but perfection with these cakes and pastries! And the prices are incredibly low! Jonas uses only the best ingredients…some of which he pulls from his own garden.
Always a highlight of any party or event I attended, these cakes and pastries are as much a treat visually as they are flavorful.
Honestly the best baking and catering service in the central Ohio area! Jonas is excellent in the kitchen and delivered high quality, tasty treats. All of my guests praised Laughlin’s and asked for these treats to be at every party! The service and care received was beyond the expected quality. I will have Laughlin’s at every event I host! You should too!
Amazing red velvet cake for my daughter’s birthday – the pecan frosting really made it special.
The best bakery! Columbus is so lucky to have you…never move
Just one word, ‘amazing!
Yours are the best Lebkuchen I’ve ever had.
Easily the best gingerbread of my entire life, and I have a bit of a gingerbread obsession.
Took a buckeye cake to work for a birthday and 7 out of 7 people said it was the best cake they have ever had! It was brilliantly balanced in flavors, and super moist. Our biggest dessert critic usually thought chocolate cakes were too overpoweringly chocolate but she LOVED this one. Highly recommend to anyone!
I was lucky enough to receive a cake and a tray of delicious baked goodies for my birthday! People were raving how good everything tasted!!! The cakes and pastries are done so elegantly. I can’t wait for the store-front to open so I can have a new place to pop into for my weekend croissant!
Good prices and amazing products. The OSU College of Nursing left no crumbs behind.
Excellent baked goods made with exceptional attention to detail and lots of love. Laughlin’s baked goods never disappoint and always leave your tastes buds wanting more. If you haven’t indulged in one of these wonderful creations, you are truly missing out.
I haven’t been this excited about food in a very long time.
Laughlin’s had me at chocolate cake.
With one bite it is apparent that Jonas is a skilled baker and uses the finest of ingredients in his delectable baked goods. My favorite is the lemon Madelaine. The texture is perfectly light and springy, and the lemon flavor is wonderfully accented with zest. The glaze on top reminds me of donuts. The combination is simply amazing. Thank you for being damn good at baking!

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