Dearest Bakery Family, I am so sorry to announce that we will be closing our doors permanently, effective immediately.
The unexpectedly slow Christmas season and nearly three years of not-great sales have led me to a point
where I just can’t keep the shop afloat. I hope you all will know that I did my best, in every way possible,
and that I fought with everything in me to give you the best bakery I could. I am mourning this alongside you,
and I feel very deeply the hurt this brings to my co-workers and my community.

To say “thank you” to our ardent supporters could never fully convey how truly thankful I have felt
for the love you have shown me and my work, but I don’t know any different words that would do
justice to the gratitude that fills my heart, even during this sad, sad time. So, to all of you, for everything…




Jonas Laughlin